How to Draw a Hawk Flying

Updated April 17, 2017

Hawks are elegant birds of prey that drift through the sky in search of food. Learn how to draw a soaring hawk, and capture the magic of this creature with every pencil stroke. Although birds are notoriously difficult to draw because of the demanding accuracy and detail required to create feathered definition, a reference picture can provide you with a great resource to look at again and again during the drawing process.

Sketch an oval in the centre of the paper, to outline the bird's body.

Draw a triangle with a single curved end at the bottom end of the oval, to position the hawk's tail.

Sketch two long arches extending from the top portion of the oval to outline the hawk's wings. Use your reference picture as a guide to determine how long to make the hawk's wings. Sketch an additional set of arches to close the wings all the way down to the tail, giving them long leaflike shapes.

Draw a small elongated half-circle at the top of the oval, between the hawk's wings, to outline the head. Draw a pointed beak extending from the front of the head.

Define the hawk's wing shape with an elongated S-shape that is signature of birds of prey, using your reference picture as a guide.

Add definition to the hawk's wings. Although you don't necessarily have to draw every single one of the hawk's feathers, add in long, curved lines along the back edges of the hawk's wings and tail to detail the feathers. Use your reference picture as a guide.

Add details to the hawk's head, such as eyes and tufts of feathers.

Sketch over the hawk drawing with an ink pen. Allow the ink to dry completely before erasing the pencil guidelines.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Reference picture
  • Pen
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