How to Mod a PS1 to Play SNES

Updated April 17, 2017

Swap Magic, a boot disc that allows users to play foreign or copied discs on the PlayStation 1 and 2, makes it easy to play Super Nintendo Games (SNES) games from a burnt disc. With an SNES emulator you can build ISO (International Organization for Standardization) images of your favourite SNES games and play them directly from the disc tray of the PS1 console.

Download and install an emulator for SNES on your computer. Download and install the SNES ROM (Read-only memory) you wish to play on the PS1. Below there are a few resources that have SNES ROMs and emulators.

Open the emulator and click "Add Roms." Find the SNES ROM you wish to extract and double click on the file. Click "Build your ISO" and chose your language preference in the pop-up menu. Click "Build ISO" when finished and save it to the desktop.

Open a DVD/CD burn program and insert a blank DVD-R. In the options, choose "Image file to disc" and choose the ISO created in Step 2. You want to burn the disc at the slowest speed possible. Insert a blank disc into the DVD writable drive and select "Burn." Eject the finished disc.

Turn on the PlayStation 2 and insert the Swap Magic boot disc DVD. Once the screen shows "Insert Disc," insert the Slide Tool under the disc tray on the left side and gently slide it to the right. This will slowly pull the tray out. Remove the slide tool.

Replace the Swap Magic Boot Disc with the DVD-R disc. Push the tray back into the console. Insert the Slide Tool under the tray on the left side again, slide it to the right, and the slide it to the left again. Pull out the Slide Tool to seal the tray. Within a few seconds, the game will show up on the screen. Highlight the game and press "X."


Do not force the slide tool into the tray. It will slide in easily if you are using it correctly.

Things You'll Need

  • Swap Magic
  • Slide Tool
  • SNES Emulator
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