How to Use Canvas Paper in Inkjet Printers

Updated July 20, 2017

Printing on canvas paper is a great way to display pictures. The texture is like real cotton canvas. It can make a picture taken on a digital camera look like an old Renaissance Master painting. You will need a high-quality picture -- the bigger the file size, the better the print will come out. Canvas paper for inkjet printers is designed for archival purposes, so you can display the finished print in a frame or stretch it like an artist's canvas.

Begin by checking to make sure the artwork or document is free from errors. Also, you may have to adjust colour, crop, size, brightness, or other photo properties.

Open your printer's software. If your printer does not come with extra software, go to the print menu of whatever image software you're using and adjust quality settings there.

Adjust the quality setting to fine, best or photo quality whichever is the best one for the printer. If you know how to adjust the resolution, make sure it is between 300 and 600 dpi. If not, just make sure the picture is not blurry or pixelated.

Adjust the paper quality settings. Choose canvas paper or heavy card stock. This will make the setting of the printer appropriate for printing on the canvas paper. Also, double check the layout of the print, whether it is landscape or portrait.

Save your work. You may want to create a separate file to save the printing settings.

Place the sheet of canvas in the empty paper tray. Check to see if it is clean and free from scratches and blemishes. Make sure the canvas texture is facing up. The catch tray should be ready to receive the print.

Click on print preview to see how the print will look.

Click print. If the paper does not go through, do not force it, just let the printer do its job.


Handle the paper and print as little as possible. After printing, let the ink dry. For archival purposes, fold tissue paper around the print and place into a folder in a secure location.

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