How to Upload a File in a Group on Facebook

Updated April 17, 2017

Facebook is a social media website that lets you connect with friends and family from all over the world. You can share pictures, videos, messages, play games, and join different groups suited to your likes. Within these groups you can also upload photo and video files from your computer for the other members of the group to see. This is a straightforward process that will enrich your Facebook experience.

Log in to your Facebook account at Type in your e-mail address and password and click "Login."

Click "See All" on the left side of your profile page under the "Groups" section. Click on the group you want to upload a file to.

Click "Photo" or "Video" on the top toolbar of the group's main page depending on the file you want to upload. Click "Upload a Photo" or "Upload a Video." Click "Choose File."

Select the file from your hard drive. Click "Open."

Type in a message to go along with the file you are uploading. Click "Share" and wait for the file to upload to the group. It will appear on the main page when finished.

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