How to get a pet in "aion"

Written by anthony hare
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Pets that are available to all characters "Aion" come in five different varieties: Companion, Signal, Fortune, Pack and Purebred. Each pet offers its own unique abilities to act as a helpful ally for the player. All pets start off as eggs and are most commonly obtained from the Pet Merchant in exchange for the game's currency, Kinah, but can also be obtained from quests. They must be hatched and adopted for use. These pets are summoned and managed through the pet list on Aion's interface. The Spiritmaster class is also able to summon special pets to help him in combat.

Skill level:
Moderately Easy

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    Purchase a Pet Egg

  1. 1

    Go to a Pet Merchant, such as Unos in Sanctum if you are Elyos, or Katin in Pandaemonium if you are Asmodian.

  2. 2

    Talk to the Pet Merchant and open the "Buy" tab.

  3. 3

    Click on the pet egg you want to purchase and press the "Buy" button.

    Daily Quest Pet Eggs

  1. 1

    Talk to your daily quest organisation officer and accept a quest from them. Elyos organisations include the Alabaster Order in Typhon for level 30 players, Radiant Ops in Pompo for level 40 players and Fortuneers in Juris Po for level 50 players. Asmodian organisations include the Field Wardens in Deryk for level 30 players, Blood Crusade in Viscum for level 40 players and Charlirunerk's Daemons in Tikalanerk for level 50 players.

  2. 2

    Complete the quest and return to the officer to receive reward tokens.

  3. 3

    Talk to the Reward Steward for the organisation you have completed the quest with to see how many tokens are required to purchase the pet egg.

  4. 4

    Continue to collect tokens until you have enough to purchase the pet egg you desire. Talk to the Reward Steward again when you have enough and purchase the egg with the tokens.

    Hatch and Adopt a Pet

  1. 1

    Go to a Pet Minder, such as Amis in Sanctum if you are Elyos or Erdil in Pandaemonium if you are Asmodian and talk to them.

  2. 2

    Press the "Inventory" button and drag the pet egg from your inventory to the box at the top of the Pet Minder's window.

  3. 3

    Enter a name for your pet in the "Name" text field and then choose a decoration from the "Decor" drop-down menu. Click "Apply" to get your pet.

    Spiritmaster Pets

  1. 1

    Go to a skill trainer that sells skill books for the Spiritmaster. Elyos characters will find them in Sanctum, in the Lyceum if you are between levels 10 and 25, the Protector's Hall if between levels 25 and 50, or the Cloister of Kaisinel if between levels 51 and 55. Asmodian players will find their skill trainers in Pandaemonium, in the Great temple if you are between levels 10 and 25, the Capitol Building if between levels 25 and 50, or the Covenant or Marchutan if between levels 51 and 55.

  2. 2

    Talk to your relevant skill trainer and open the "Buy" tab. Click on a summon spirit skill, such as "Summon Fire Spirit I" and then press the "Buy" button.

  3. 3

    Press the "Inventory" button and then right-click on the summon spirit skill book.

  4. 4

    Press the "Skills Window" button and find the summon spirit skill you just learnt in the list that appears.

  5. 5

    Drag the summon spirit skill from the Skills Window to the Quickbar at the bottom of your screen. Click on this icon to summon your pet.

Tips and warnings

  • Hold down "Ctrl" and then click on a pet egg to see a preview of what the pet will look like.
  • Complete the Elyos quest "To Dream to Die", or the Asmodian quest "An Honorable Death" ten times to get a Sawteeth Rotan pet.
  • Pet eggs can also be found as item drops and can be purchased with real currency from the NC Soft store. You still hatch and adopt these through a Pet Minder.
  • You can only summon one pet at a time. The rest are stored in the Pet List that can accommodate up to 100 pets.
  • Spiritmaster pets and skill books can only be used by the Spiritmaster class.

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