How to Connect Two Wii Consoles

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The Nintendo Wii has many entertaining features, including the ability to connect several Wii systems from around the world through the Internet via Wi-Fi. Once connected, you can send photos, messages and play with friends from anywhere in the world.

Some of the best games for the Wii are made even better when you can challenge your pals, wherever they might be. Within a few minutes of set-up, you will be able to connect to any Wii in the world for a high-speed game of Mario Kart or another game.

Select the Wii logo in the lower-left corner of the main menu to be taken to the console's settings. A Wi-Fi connection is needed to connect two Wii consoles.

Press "Wii Settings", and scroll to the "Internet" option. From there, click on "Connection Settings".

Choose one of the available selections, and confirm the "Wireless Connection" option. Press the "Search for Access Point" option to have the Wii console look for the best local Wi-Fi connections available. Pick your preferred access point.

Save your settings, and the Wii will test the connection. If the Wii asks to perform an update, press "Yes" to download it.

Access the "Address Book" option from the Wii main menu under the Wii Message Board. Your Friend Code is listed left of Page 1. Share your code with a friend you wish to connect to. Obtain your friend's code, and enter it by pressing the "Register" button in the Address Book. Select the Wii option, and enter the Friend Code.