How to Troubleshoot the HP PSC 1410

Updated November 21, 2016

The HP PSC 1410 is a multifunctional printer that allows the user to print, scan and copy documents and photos in colour and black-and-white. The printer comes with HP Image Zone, a software program that features an onscreen troubleshooting guide, diagnostic tools and maintenance options. Proper installation of the software is necessary in order for the printer to function and to resolve any other issues that may arise.

Install the software before plugging the printer in. If you plugged the printer in before prompting, this will cause the printer to malfunction. Proceed to the next step.

Turn the printer off and disconnect it from the computer.

Uninstall the software by clicking "Uninstall Programs" under the "Control Panel" tab.

Select HP Image Zone from the list and click uninstall. Follow the prompts then restart your computer.

Turn power to the printer off, wait 1 minute, then turn the power back on.

Insert the HP Image Zone installation disc. If nothing happens, open the "My Computer" tab under the Start Menu. Double-click the HP icon and installation will begin.

Follow the onscreen directions. Do not plug the printer into the computer until prompted to do so.

Confirm HP PSC 1410 is the default printer. Click "Printers" under the "Control Panel" tab. If there is not a check mark next to HP PSC 1410, right click and select "Set as Default Printer."

Do not turn the printer off if a paper jam occurs. Turn the printer around so the rear is facing you.

Remove the rear panel door by gently pressing the tab on the left hand side to disengage the lock.

Pull the door out toward you.

Carefully pull the jam free. Check the roller wheels for any torn pieces of paper.

Replace the rear panel door. Slide the right side in first, then press the left side in until you hear it snap into place.

Turn the printer around and press the "Resume" button.

Clean the glass if scans and copies are blurry. Use a nonabrasive glass cleaner and a soft, linen-free cloth or sponge.

Print a test report if you are having trouble with print or copy quality. Use plain white paper. Press and hold the "Cancel" button for three seconds, then press the "Start Color Copy" button. A test pattern will appear on the computer screen. Compare the test pattern to the printed test report. Several broken lines or patterns indicate there is a problem with the print nozzles and you need to clean the print cartridges.

Clean the print nozzles. Open the "HP Solution Center" in the Image Zone software. Under "Settings," click "Print Settings" then "Printer Toolbox." Under the "Device Services" tab, select "Clean the Print Cartridges." A colour image will be printed and displayed on the screen. Compare the two. If you are satisfied with the quality of the print job, resume normal printing, otherwise repeat the process up to two more times. If you are still not satisfied, replace the ink cartridges.


You can download printer software and drivers directly from the manufacturer's website.

Things You'll Need

  • HP Image Zone installation software
  • Plain white printer paper
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