How to Use the N64 Emulator for PSP on PSP

Updated February 21, 2017

Nintendo 64 enthusiasts can play their favourite games on their computers with the many emulators that have been released. Playing N64 games on portable gaming platforms is another story. Fortunately, gamers can now use the Daedalusx64 emulator with their PSP, even though it is still in development as of 2011. It plays at full speed and is a great way to take your N64 games wherever you go.

Download Daedalusx64 as a zip file from SourceForge (see Resources). It is a free application.

Extract the installation folder from the zip file.

Connect the PSP to your computer. Open the PSP's drive on the computer and open the "PSP" folder.

Open the "5.XX" folder inside the "PSP" folder and drag the Daedalusx64 folder into it. This completes the installation of Daedalusx64 on the PSP.

Copy your Nintendo 64 roms into the "roms" folder inside the "Daedalusx64" folder on the PSP drive.

Disconnect the PSP from the computer and select the Daedalusx64 game from the PSP game menu. Daedalusx64 will start and give you a list of roms that are installed.

Select the ROM that you want to play and select "Start Emulation" on the next menu. The game will start. Press the "Home" button during play to return to the PSP game menu.

Things You'll Need

  • Daedalusx64
  • N64 ROM
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