How Can I Download DS Games Onto My Edge Card?

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The Edge and iEdge cards are media adaptors (also known as "home brew" cards) for the Nintendo DS family of handheld gaming consoles. The cards can be used to run emulators and home brew applications, and also to run home-coded games designed specifically for the Nintendo DS.

If you're eager to try out a large library of games designed by the biggest Nintendo DS enthusiasts--the players--it's easy to get your Edge card loaded with Nintendo DS games.

Download the Nintendo DS games you wish to play using your Edge card. A site is provided in the Resources section to get your collection started. After downloading, double-click to unzip.

Collect all unzipped "NDS" files into a directory on your desktop called "DS Games."

Insert the MicroSD card that you use with your Edge card into your SD card reader, or the SD card slot of your computer.

Highlight all games in the "DS Games" folder by dragging your mouse over them with the left mouse button held down. Right-click on the highlighted games and select "Copy."

Navigate to the root directory of your SD card, which will be shown in "Finder" or "Windows Explorer" as "Edge Card" or "MicroSD Card."

Right-click within the root directory of your SD card and select "Paste." All "NDS" files will be added to your card.

Eject and remove your MicroSD card and insert it into your Edge card. Insert the card into your Nintendo DS.

Turn on the system to launch the Edge card main menu. Select "Game/Homebrew" to bring up a list of all games available for play on your card. Launch the game you want to play by tapping it with the stylus.