Instructions for an Origami Pterodactyl

A pterodactyl is one of the interesting dinosaur crafts that can be made with the art of origami. Origami is an ancient art that involves making things from a folded sheet of paper. By folding the paper in a series of steps, you will have your flying friend created in no time. A relaxing past time, you can create just about anything with this method, including this pterodactyl.

Fold three creases on the triangle using each point as the centre of the fold and folding the paper to the centre of the triangle side opposite the point. Unfold after each crease. You will end up with three intersecting lines running from each point that cross in the centre of the triangle.

Bring one side of the triangle up lifting from the middle line where the top and bottom points intersect. Open the point of the lifted end by sliding your finger into the flap. Fold the flaps out and down, bringing the lifted point down to meet the top point of the original triangle. Flatten and crease, making a small square.

Press your finger in the centre and bring the top point down to meet the bottom right corner point, fold on the line and crease. Meet the centre point of the crease from the left side of the triangle to the centre point of the crease on the right side of the triangle and crease. You now have what resembles a kite shape.

Reverse fold the side with only one flap by pushing it half way in between the top centre mark and the centre crease mark on the right side. Fold the paper in. Repeat for the other two sides so that you form a narrow kite shape with two flaps on one side.

Lift the bottom point of the top flap up and fold open. You now have a narrow diamond shape.

Bring the left side top flap over to the right like a page and fold it down. Bring the top point down and fold a crease one inch above the centre of the shape. Add another fold just below it to orient the point out to the right.

Lift the bottom point up over the head and pull outward on the left side. Tug the ends of both wings open gently at the same time. The tail should pop up when you open the wings. Make a slight downward crease at the outside points of the wings.

Things You'll Need

  • Equilateral triangle (equal on all sides) origami paper
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