How to Change Measurements in Google SketchUp

Updated April 17, 2017

The 3-D modelling program Google SketchUp offers several commands for changing the measurements of a model. It also offers a way to change the units of measurement that appear when you resize or move a model. You can change a model's measurements with the "Move" command, which accepts both keyboard and mouse input. You can change the units of measurement of an object by running a "Window" menu command that shows parameters impacting how SketchUp displays the object.

Click the toolbar's "Rectangle" command, then click on the drawing canvas to start the rectangle. You'll change the measurements of the rectangle after making its initial shape.

Drag on the drawing canvas to grow the rectangle, then click to complete the rectangle.

Type "20',30'" to change the measurements of the rectangle to 20 feet by 30 feet.

Type "20m,30m" to change the rectangle's dimensions to 20 meters by 30 meters. You can also specify units in centimetres or millimetres.

Click an edge of the rectangle to select just the edge, then click the toolbar's "Move" command, which is another way of changing an object's dimensions.

Click any point on the selected line, then drag toward the opposite edge. The rectangle resizes as the edge you selected moves with the cursor. Notice the text in the text box in the lower-right corner of the drawing canvas. The measurement's units are in inches, which is the default unit in SketchUp.

Click the mouse to end the reshaping of the rectangle.

Click the "Window" menu, then click the "Model Info" command. This command displays a window whose controls let you set parameters for an object, including the units of measurement displayed when resizing the object.

Click the "Units" item in the left pane of the Model Info dialogue box. The "Format" drop-down list displays "Inches."

Click the drop-down box, then click a unit of measurement different from inches. For example, click "Centimeters."

Click the box's "x" in its upper-right corner to close the box.

Repeat steps 5 through 7 to resize the rectangle again. Notice the measurement text box again as you repeat the steps. The box displays the new unit of measurement you chose in the previous step, instead of "inches."

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