How to Cascade Flowers on a Cake

A cascade of flowers flows down the sides of a tiered cake, in a waterfall of colourful, soft fragrant petals. Edible flowers can be used to cascade down tiered cakes for weddings or other special occasions. Flowers such as roses, violets, day lilies, begonias, carnations and chrysanthemums can be used to decorate your cake. Arrange a cascade of your favourite flowers onto your tiered cake or use flowers that match the colour theme of your wedding party.

Sort the flowers by size. Make a number of piles of flowers equal to the tiers of your cake, starting with the top layer. The cake top will have the smallest sized flowers and the bottom tier will have the largest.

Start arranging the flowers on the cake. Place the smallest sized flowers onto the top of the cake, setting the stems down towards the centre as you line the top with the flowers. Add flowers to the centre of the top, covering the stems of the flowers that line the perimeter by placing the flowers stem down with their petals facing up.

Choose which side the flowers will cascade down the cake. Place the flowers on that side. Start with a small bunch on the highest tier (just beneath the cake top) about 1/4 of the size of the circumference of the tier. As you decorate and move down the tiers of the cake, set the flowers down in ascending size, so that the largest flowers are sitting on the cake plate next to the bottom tier and take up 1/2 the circumference of the tier.


Always make sure that the flowers you are using are edible and not toxic before arranging them on your cake, as some may contaminate your food and could poison people.

Things You'll Need

  • Edible flowers in coordinating colours
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