How Do I Enlarge My Google Print Size?

Updated April 17, 2017

Search engines are useful to people around the world. One of the many search engines available is known by its popular trade name, "Google." Google allows users to type in keywords and search based on those keywords. The search engine quickly displays the search results within seconds on your monitor. However, the print or font size may be too small for you to read properly. Although Google does not have any options to increase the font size, you can enlarge the font size of your browser on Google by zooming in to make the text more legible.

Open your desired Web browser by double-clicking on its icon.

Navigate to the Google home page (see Resources). Type Google's address in your address bar, and then click "Enter" to point your browser towards Google.

Click the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard along with the "+" key to zoom into the page. This will increase the text size in Google and allow you to read the text with less difficulty.


Decrease the font size by clicking the "Ctrl" and "-" keys simultaneously on your keyboard. Return to the default font size by clicking "Ctrl" and "0" simultaneously.

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