How to Split the Paper Into Fourths in Microsoft Word

Updated April 17, 2017

When working on a Word document, being able to adjust the document's format to suit your needs is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, if you need to divide your document into even fourths, there is no automatic way to do so. Instead, if you want to evenly divide a document four ways, you must use the program's table insertion feature. By inserting a table into the document that matches the document's margins and erasing the table lines, you can effectively split the document into fourths in a few simple steps.

Double click the Microsoft Word icon to launch the application.

Click the "Insert" tab, followed by the "Table" panel. Click the box in the second column of the second row in the grid of boxes that appears beneath the "Table" panel heading to insert a two-by-two table into the document.

Click the table size adjustment square at the bottom right corner of the table and drag the corner of the table until the table's cells fill the entire document.

Click on one of the table's cells. Click the "Design" tab, followed by the arrow to the right of the "Borders" heading. Select the "No Border" option from the Borders menu to remove the borders from the table. The document will now be split into four equal sections without gridlines.


The steps detailed in this article also work for Word 2011 on a Mac.

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