How to Make a Purse Organizer With Several Compartments

A purse organiser helps keep all of your on-the-go necessities neatly accessible. You can make a lightweight purse organiser to fit inside a medium- or large-sized purse and customise its compartments to securely hold items from a slim pen to a wallet. Make the organiser from a fabric that coordinates with the purse or use a contrasting coloured fabric for an accessory with some flair.

Lay a piece of fabric on your work surface and draw a rectangle that measures 6-by-28 inches. Cut out the rectangle and use it to trace and cut a second rectangle. Cut out one rectangle of fusible interfacing, using the fabric rectangle as a template.

Place one fabric rectangle on an ironing board wrong side up. Place the fusible interfacing on top. Following the interfacing manufacturer's instructions, iron to fuse the pieces together. The interfacing will give the organiser some stiffness.

Flip the joined fabric over so that the interfacing is face down. Lay the remaining fabric rectangle on top and pin the sides together. Sew together both long sides but only one short side of the fabric layers.

Turn the organiser right side out and sew the remaining short side as close as possible to the edge.

Cut a piece of contrasting fabric 5-by-27 inches.

Lay the fabric on top of the joined pieces, aligning one long edge and the two short edges. This will leave 1 inch of the joined piece exposed along a long edge; this is the top of the organiser.

Sew the contrasting fabric's two short sides and bottom long side to the joined pieces. Sew the single piece of fabric to the underlying fabric at various spots across the organiser, sewing from the bottom edge to the top of the single fabric. This will create several pockets in the organiser. You can space the pockets evenly across the organiser or make them different sizes. Make some slim pockets to hold pens and some wider pockets to hold keys, make-up, lipstick and other items.

Fill the organiser with the items you would like in your purse. Roll up or gently fold the organiser and insert it into the purse.


The organiser also works well in small purses. Measure the purse and recalculate the length and width of fabric needed.


Using fabrics that coordinate too closely to the colour of your purse's interior might make items hard to find. Use a print fabric or contrasting colour so you can see the pockets clearly.

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric
  • Fusible interfacing
  • Iron
  • Sewing pins
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Contrasting fabric
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