How to make flowers out of face cloths

Updated February 21, 2017

Face cloths are also known as wash cloths, and they are small, absorbent squares of terry cloth. They are an excellent gift for parents-to-be, as they will shortly be cleaning up many spills and messes, but you do not need to present them in neatly folded squares. Instead, turn your washcloths into flowers and offer the new parents a useful bouquet.

Fold the face cloth diagonally from corner to corner, creating a triangle.

Place the face cloth on a flat surface, with the fold side to the left and the point to the right.

Roll the face cloth from the bottom to the top, starting with a tight roll and loosening as you roll up.

Pin the loose end of the roll to the bulk of the roll using a safety pin. You now have a rolled wash cloth that looks like a rosebud, with longer petals rising out of the centre.

Fluff the top of the wash cloth flower by gently tugging at the petals at the top.

Insert a dowel into the centre of the bottom of the flower, allowing the pressure from the rolled fabric to keep it there. If you want to give the new parents plastic feeding spoons, use spoons as the stems instead.

Things You'll Need

  • Face cloths
  • Safety pin
  • Ribbon
  • Dowels or spoons
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