How to Set Units in SketchUp

Written by paul betters | 13/05/2017
How to Set Units in SketchUp
Change Google SketchUp units from metric to imperial, or vice versa. (Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images)

Google SketchUp offers formats for a number of different projects, from electrical engineering or house design. These different projects may require different units of measurement. Thankfully, Google SketchUp allows you to use different units of measurement for different projects. In addition, you can change the units of measurement mid-project. Changing units of measurement is easy to do even if you are new to SketchUp.

Open the Google SketchUp project that you are working on.

Click the "Window" menu at the top of the window and click "Model Info" to open the Model Info window.

Select "Units" from the list on the left-hand side of the Model Info window.

Select a unit format and unit type from the drop-down "Format" menu. Your choices are Architectural (Inches), Decimal (Inches, feet, millimetres, centimetres or meters), Engineering (Feet) or Fractional (Inches).

Select the unit precision from the drop-down "Precision" menu.

Check the check boxes next to "Enable Snapping," "Display units format" and "Force display of 0" to turn these features on; uncheck the boxes to turn these features off. Depending on the units format, some options may not be available.

Set the precision of the angle units under the "Angle Units" header. Turn on angle snapping by checking the box next to "Enable angle snapping," or uncheck the box to turn this feature off.

Close the Model Info window. Your changes are automatically implemented.


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