How to Customize Sharpies

Updated February 21, 2017

Sharpie indelible markers come in several shapes, colours, styles and sizes. The Sharpie company now gives customers the option of customising their markers. While you are only able to customise one style of Sharpie, you can customise it in several ways. Choose a colour, message and clip art to create your very own personal Sharpie. The Sharpie website makes it easy for customers to preview their Sharpies.

Go to the My Sharpie website, found in the Resources section below.

Pick a colour from the left hand side of the screen. The graphic below will rotate the Sharpies until your colour is displayed so you get a preview.

Click on the top drop-down menu, under the heading "Choose a Font/Clip Art." Scroll through the choices of fonts and click on one. A preview will appear below.

Click on the bottom drop-down menu under the heading "Choose a Font/Clip Art" for a list of clip art you can apply to your Sharpie. A preview will appear below to show you what the clip art looks like.

Type in your message under the "Enter your Message" option.

View both sides of the preview Sharpie by clicking on the marker itself. It will flip back and forth showing you what customisations you have placed on the marker. Make sure the marker is how you want it before purchasing.

Pick a quantity. You can choose from six up to 100 of your customised Sharpies.

Add your marker to the online cart where it says "Add To Cart" and continue shopping or checkout with your purchase.


Read the Terms and Conditions before customising your sharpies. This can be found at the bottom right hand section of the My Sharpie page in the Resources section.

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