How to make a dog out of fondant

Updated April 17, 2017

Fondant is an invaluable resource when constructing decorations for cakes. While decorators roll fondant thin and flat to punch or cut-out pieces of fondant to lay on the cake for decoration, fondant is best used for creating three-dimensional objects. Using fondant is as straightforward as using modelling clay. Like most fondant creations, constructing a dog requires only a few steps. The result is so impressive it is all right if the dog is not a "Spot"-on likeness of a cherished family pet. Even novice decorators can create dogs which closely resemble a beloved pet or standard canine image.

Prepare the fondant and working surface. If the fondant is a little sticky, sprinkle it and the work surface with flour. If it gets sticky while you are moulding it, you can apply a light dusting of flour then as well.

Mould the body of the dog. You will likely depict the dog in one of three positions: sitting, standing or laying down. The body shape for laying down and standing will be the same. It should roughly resemble a hot dog bun. The shape for a sitting dog should resemble an avocado.

Form four legs by rolling narrow barrels of fondant.

Apply the legs to the body by pressing the pieces of fondant together. Use enough force to get the pieces to stick, but not so much that you misshape the pieces. Bend the legs as needed for laying or sitting dogs. Anywhere on the dog where you form a fold, bend or crevice, you may want to use a fondant shaping tool to best structure the lines.

Form the dog's head. The shape you are trying to achieve will vary dramatically depending on the breed you are depicting. By now, you have been working with the fondant long enough that you should have a feel for how to manipulate it. Remember to form the dog's snout, too.

Attach the head to the body by pressing it firmly in place.

Pinch off four small pieces of fondant to form legs and paws. Attach them as you have all the other pieces.

Roll the dog's tail. Remember to taper the tail at the end as needed.

Form three tiny balls out of black fondant to add for the nose and eyes. Use red to form a little, flat tongue, if you desire.

Roll a small amount of fondant into a thin, flat disc from which you can cut spots, if needed. After applying spots, smooth the edges slightly so they blend into the main body.

Things You'll Need

  • Cake to be decorated
  • Fondant (in grey, brown, black, white and/or red)
  • Flour
  • Fondant shaping tools
  • Small fondant rolling pin
  • Knife
  • Photo of your dog for reference, if needed
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