How to Remove a White Background on a Picture in Microsoft Word

With Microsoft Word, you can insert pictures into any document to enhance its appearance. You are also able to adjust the format of the picture so that it is layered in front of or behind text or other pictures. If you have ever done this, you may be dismayed to find that any picture, such as a logo, that has a white background may cover up what is behind it with white space in the shape of a square. Word provides a way to adjust this by enabling you to make any one colour of a picture transparent.

Click on the picture. A "Format" tab will appear on the toolbar at the top of the screen underneath "Picture Tools."

Click on the "Format" tab.

Click "Color" on the "Adjust" group on the left side of the toolbar in Word 2010. In Word 2007, click "Recolor" instead, as the toolbar is slightly different.

Select "Set Transparent Color."

Click the colour on the part of the picture that you would like to be transparent. The program will make all of that colour transparent so that you should be able to see text or other pictures behind the picture.

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