Microsoft Paint Disadvantages

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Microsoft Paint is a graphics creation program that is included with the Windows operating system. Microsoft Paint can be used for basic drawing and shape manipulation, for pasting screenshots from other applications and for changing images from one format to another.

Microsoft Paint is a useful utility, but it is not a professional image editing solution such as Photoshop because it has a few very significant limitations.

No Support for Multiple Layers

When an artist creates a graphic image from scratch, he or she often does it in multiple layers. When you add a new element to a drawing as a new layer, you can always recover the original work by simply switching back to the bottom layer. Additionally, professional image editing programs give artists the ability to blend layers together using different techniques. However, all images in Microsoft Paint have one layer only.

No Filters and Retouching Options

Professional image and photo editing programs have various effects and filters that the user can apply to an image. For example, a program might have an automatic filter for removing scratches and dust from a grainy old photo without damaging the detail underneath. Most programs of this calibre also have automatic tools for removing red-eye from photos and for correcting inaccurate skin tones. Some programs also have the ability to add high dynamic range (HDR) colours to a photo, giving it a hyperrealistic look. Microsoft Paint does not have any options for filters, artistic effects or photo retouching.

No Smudge Tool

When creating art on a real canvas, artists use tricks such as physically smudging two different colours together to blend them and create a wider range of colour. Professional image creation programs have a tool that simulates smudging, allowing digital artists to create artwork that looks as though it was drawn by hand. Microsoft Paint does not have a smudge tool. It is also missing the numerous brush shapes available in other image creation programs, which also serve to make the process of creating digital images as similar to real-life artwork as possible.

No Support for Other Operating Systems

Adobe Photoshop, considered by most to be the premier image creation and editing tool, is available for both Windows-based and Mac computers. This means that if you are a Windows user who works with Photoshop, you can switch to a Mac computer without being forced to learn how to use a different one. Microsoft Paint, however, works on Windows computers only.