How Find My Office 2007 Product Key

Updated April 17, 2017

Microsoft Office 2007 includes an alphanumeric product key required to unlock or open the product. This product key has 25 characters divided into five groups of five characters. MS Office 2007 includes a plastic case with the product key listed on a sticker. This product key sticker is affixed to the back of the disc holder.

Locate the tabs on the upper sides of the Office 2007 packaging case.

Place your thumb and forefinger on the ridged tabs. Pull the tabs to extend the disc holder.

Turn the case around to see the yellow or orange sticker on the back of the inner case. This sticker includes the Microsoft product key.

Keep this case in a safe place. You can also write down the product key for future reference.


The product key is different from the product identification number. This product can include a product key on a "Certificate of Authenticity." If you purchased Office 2007 online, check the product key on the confirmation e-mail message. A trial product can include the product key in a packaging sticker, a Microsoft Product Identifier Card, a desktop trial icon or a confirmation e-mail message. If your computer contains a pre-installed version of Office 2007, this product key may be labelled on the outside of your computer case.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Office 2007 case
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