How to Get the Toolbar Back on Safari

Written by leonardo r. grabkowski | 13/05/2017

Apple's Safari browser comes with four toolbars. The toolbars are called the "Tab Bar," "Bookmarks Bar," "Address Bar" and "Menu Bar." Each toolbar displays a different set of buttons, links or menu items. If you've accidentally disabled one of the toolbars, you can easily re-enable it using the Safari configuration menu.

Open the Safari browser. Click on the gear icon in the top-right corner of the browser window.

Click on "Show Menu Bar" to display the top browser toolbar. This is the bar that shows "File," "History" and "View."

Click on "Show Bookmarks Bar" to display the bar beneath the address bar that shows your most recently bookmarked websites.

Click on "Show Tab Bar" to display a bar beneath the bookmarks bar that shows your browsing tabs.

Click on the "View" button and select "Show Toolbar" to display the Safari address bar.


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