How Do I Unlock Expert Mode on Miniclip 8 Ball Pool?

Updated February 21, 2017

Miniclip's "8 Ball Quick Fire Pool" is a popular single-player billiard game on the Miniclip gaming website. The object of the game is to hit as many balls as possible into the pool table pockets before the time runs out. Each ball is worth a designated amount of points, which differs depending on the score multiplier. Highly skilled players can unlock the "Expert" mode, which gives them the chance to earn points more easily and quickly than standard mode.

Go to the Miniclip "8 Ball Pool" page and click the "Play" button.

Move the mouse around on the pool table to aim the pool stick in the desired location. A white line shows the direction of the path in which the cue ball will travel. Hold down the mouse button, pull the mouse back to the desired strength and release the mouse to hit the ball.

Continue to hit the balls into the holes. Each ball that goes in the hole is worth 100 points and adds time to the clock, so aim carefully. Also, every five consecutive successful shots increases the score multiplier by 0.5.

Score a minimum of 10,000 points before the time runs out to unlock "Expert" mode.


Move the small red circle on the cue ball at the bottom of the screen to adjust the curve. The top position causes the cue ball to move forward even after it hits another ball, the bottom position causes the cue ball to curve back, the right position causes the cue ball to curve right and the left position causes it to curve left. Do not sink the cue ball, as doing so takes 30 seconds off the clock and reduces the score multiplier by 0.5.

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