How Do I Deactivate Netflix on My PS3?

Updated July 20, 2017

Owners of the Sony PlayStation 3 console with a Netflix membership account can watch on-demand streaming movies by installing the Netflix application from the PlayStation Network Store. When you cancel a Netflix account deregister your PS3 as a streaming device in the Netflix account settings, you must remove the Netflix application and user data from the PS3 hard drive to deactivate Netflix movie streaming.

Start up the PS3 console and log in to your user account. The PS3 home screen will appear.

Use the directional pad to select the "Video" tab.

Press the down button to select "Netflix" from the "Video" submenu.

Press the triangle button to bring up the application options menu.

Select "Delete" from the options menu to remove the Netflix application from the PS3.

Select the "Game" tab on the PS3 home screen.

Press the "Up" button to select "Game Data Utility" from the "Game" submenu.

Select "Netflix" from the "Game Data Utility" menu.

Press the triangle button to bring up the options menu.

Select "Delete" to remove the Netflix user data from the PS3.

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