How to dress up like a green alien from "Toy Story"

Updated March 23, 2017

The green aliens are known by their famous quote, "You have saved our lives. We are eternally grateful." Since he rescued them, Mr. Potato Head and his wife, Mrs. Potato Head, are considered the aliens' adoptive parents. Becoming a replica of these green creatures is easy. All you need is the right clothing and accessories to be a part of the green alien team. Once you have completed your look, you may be able to pass off as one of the green creatures ready to join the Potato Head family.

Acquire a royal blue paint room coverall or a royal blue top and trousers for painting. Janitorial outfits are also good in obtaining the green alien look on Toy Story. After you slip these clothes on, add a space patch on the left side of your uniform shirt. You can purchase these uniforms at the Alluniforms website -- click the "Cleanroom Garmets" link on the website. To get space patches for your uniform, go to "The Space Store" website. Links are listed below. In addition, you can go to a second hand store, to find a royal blue or blue uniform outfit.

Acquire a pair of royal blue or blue rain boots. You can go to your local stores such as Target or Walmart or visit websites such as 6PM.COM.

Complete your alien look. Wear a blue belt. Cut a purple turtle neck to wear only the neck part of the shirt to complete the outfit. Sew the neck part of the turtleneck onto the uniform. Place an alien antenna headband on your head and stick a fake eye in the middle of your forehead. Apply green face paint or have someone paint your face for you. You can also purchase the Toy Story Alien headpiece from websites such as "My Party Planner" or "Toys R Us."

Things You'll Need

  • Blue janitorial outfit
  • Blue paint room coverall
  • Space patch
  • Rain boots
  • Blue belt
  • Blue face paint
  • Alien antenna headband
  • Toy Story alien headpiece
  • Fake eye ball stickers
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