How to Blur Text in InDesign

Written by chad buleen | 13/05/2017

InDesign is a popular design program that is often used by graphic artists to create magazines, books, newsletters and even Web documents. One reason the program is popular is that it has powerful features for manipulating text and graphics. For example, those who want to create a blur effect for the text on their InDesign page can do so in just a few clicks.

Double-click the "InDesign" icon on your desktop to open the program.

To work on a new document, click "File" and "New". Otherwise, to open an existing document, click "File", "Open", navigate in the window to the document you want to edit, select it and click "Open."

Click the "T" (text tool) in the "Toolbar" and click on the screen. Type your desired text.

Click and drag over your text to select it.

Click "Paper" under "Fill" in the "Swatches" panel.

Deselect the check mark next to "Knockout Group" in the "Effects" panel and select "Multiply" next to "Text."

Press "Ctrl" and "S" to save the document.

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