How to Clear Previous Google Maps iPhone Entries

Written by kr knowlin | 13/05/2017

Google Maps is the default navigation application for the iPhone. The program allows you to search for locations, places of interest and view traffic information. You can also use the Maps application to find driving directions, public transit routes and times, and also walking directions. You can clear previous entries from iPhone Maps to make the program easier to manage when locating destinations.

Open the "Maps" application on your iPhone.

Tap the "Search" tab on the bottom toolbar of the program interface.

Tap the round blue icon at the far-right of the search field. A new page loads to the screen.

Tap the "Recents" tab on the bottom toolbar. A list displaying your recent entries appears.

Tap the "Clear" button on the top toolbar. A warning message appears.

Tap the "Clear All Recents" button of the warning prompt to clear your previous entries. Tap the "Cancel" button to abort the action.

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