How to Insert a List Box in OpenOffice Writer

Updated March 23, 2017

In addition to typing reports or papers, OpenOffice Writer, the word processing program for, lets you create forms that you can distribute to readers. Forms have a variety of input options: text fields, radio buttons, check boxes and list boxes. List boxes, also known as drop-down menus, let you choose one of several options from a list. OpenOffice Writer has you populate the list box by choosing a predefined list of terms from a table. This can be from a spreadsheet or database program.

Start Writer.

Go to "View," "Toolbars," "Form Controls" to open the Form Controls toolbar.

Click the "List Box" button in the Form Controls toolbar. Your cursor will appear as a crosshair.

Press and hold the left-mouse button and draw a box where you want to insert the list box. This opens the List Box Wizard.

Select a table from the "Table/Query" field.

Click the "Next" button to open the Table Selection page of the wizard.

Select a table from the "Control" list.

Click the "Next" button to open the Field Selection page.

Select a field from the "Existing" fields list. It will appear in the "Display Field" text box.

Click the "Next" button to open the Field Link page.

Select a field from the "Field from the Value Table." Select the matching field from the "Field from the List Table."

Click the "Finish" button.

Open the "Form Design" toolbar by clicking "View," "Toolbars," "Form Design" from the main menu.

Click the "Design Mode On/Off" button to activate the list box.

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