How to Make Origami Dog Pop Up Cards

Updated March 23, 2017

Knowing how to make origami dog pop-up cards properly can make the difference between a refreshing twist on a boring card and a potentially ruined idea. With a pop-up card, once the dog is in place, the dog will come out of the paper in a three dimensional effect every time you open the card. A dog pop-up card can impress your friends while showing off your artistic skills.

Position the coloured side of the paper down. Fold the top right corner of the origami to the bottom left corner to form a colour triangle. Use an 8-by-8 inch piece of paper if you do not have any origami paper.

Turn the triangle 180 degrees, pointing down, and then fold the two top corners 1/2 inch down. The dog's face and ears will form a hexagon and triangle, respectively.

Fold the bottom of the dog's face 1/4 inch back to form a straight chin.

Draw small circular eyes near the middle of the dog's face. Make sure that the eyes are the same size and are the same distance from the ears. Draw a curved triangular nose and a "U" shaped tongue on your dog. Colour the dog to complete the origami folding.

Fold a piece of construction paper in half horizontally. Create two 3/4 inch cuts into the folded paper at one-third intervals. Each cut should extend one-third of the paper's width into the fold.

Fold the cut section back, and then bring the cut section back into place. Open the card like an upside down "V," and then push the cut section into the card. Refold the card, and then reopen to display the pop-up.

Squeeze drops of school glue on the entire back side of the pop-up card, and then place another piece of construction paper over back of the pop-up card. This helps you hide the pop-up, U-shaped hole that you created while making the card.

Put three to four drops of super or school glue onto the back of the origami dog, and then position it onto the pop-up cut out in Step 2. Close the card to allow the glue to dry.

Open the card and decorate it to your complete specifications. For example, if it's a birthday card, draw balloons on the card's background, and then write a message on the bottom of the card.

Things You'll Need

  • Origami paper or printer paper
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Colour pencils
  • Construction paper
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