How to Get Rid of the Sixaxis Tutorial in "Grand Theft Auto 4"

Updated March 23, 2017

One of the options found on the phone in "Grand Theft Auto IV" on the Sony PlayStation 3 is the Sixaxis controller tutorial. While the information included within the tutorial is useful, players often accidentally enter the tutorial when intending to select other options on the phone's menu. This causes a long delay in getting back to the gameplay. Removing the option on your phone can be done, but you will need to re-enable it whenever you intend to use the Sixaxis controls in the game. In "Grand Theft Auto IV," the tutorial's placement on the phone's menu is tied to Sixaxis control being activated within the game.

Press the "start" button on your PS3 controller to bring up the pause menu.

Select the "Controls" option and press the "X" button.

Select "Sixaxis Control" and ensure that it is disabled.

Press the "O" button, then press the "start" button to return to the game.


The Sixaxis controls can be beneficial when operating helicopters and other flying vehicles, but typically provide no benefits to other modes of control. On the contrary, when using other modes of transportation, the Sixaxis controls tend to be considerably less accurate.

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