How to give a pug a haircut

Updated November 21, 2016

Pugs do not usually need haircuts as they are a short-haired breed. However, pugs do shed quite a bit and tend to overheat on warm days, which leads some pug owners to want to lessen the hair by shaving. Unless you live in an extremely hot and humid climate, it's best to not cut your pug's hair, but if you feel you need to, there are a few tips that will make it easier.

Brush your pug with a shedding brush to remove any loose hair. This prepares the dog for shaving and helps keep the dog clippers from clogging.

Choose a 1/4-inch blade guard to shave your pug. Since shaving a pug removes natural insulation from heat and cold, you don't want to cut the hair too short. Hair at 1/4 inch is more than short enough to allow your pug to cool down in an extremely hot climate.

Shave against the hair, which on most parts of the pug's body means starting from the tail and moving towards the head. You want the guard to touch the skin. Move slowly through the hair, making sure to cut evenly. Going with the hair will not allow you to get the blade close to the skin and will leave marks or tracks in the hair.

Use trimming scissors to cut the longer hair under the tail. You may be able to shave the area, but a quick trim will clean up the hairs that grow in different directions.


Instead of shaving your pug, try a shedding brush or Furminator to remove excess hair.


If you shave your pug for any reason (even during treatment of an injury), it may take months for the hair to fully grow back. Don't shave your pug in normal or cold climates, as your pug will not be able to regulate its temperature properly. Keep your pug out of the sun after a shave, as it won't be protected from sunburns.

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