How to Respond to a Toast to the Bride's Parents

Wedding toasts at the reception often flow freely with the bride and groom, members of the wedding party and parents of the couple all offering kind words of honour and praise. While many toasts are traditional, a wedding reception can include speeches and toasts from anyone of the couple's choosing. The bride's parents should respond to a toast made to them because tradition dictates that a "toastee" respond after a toast.

Stay seated during the toast and while everyone raises their glasses and drinks. The person or people receiving a toast always stay seated while the toaster offer the toast.

Smile and nod your head while everyone raises their glasses as nonverbal responses to the toast. The person or people being toasted never drink.

Stand up after everyone finishes drinking to the toast. Say a simple "thank you" to the toaster. If you have not already proposed a toast or given a wedding speech, say a few words about how proud you are of your daughter and new son-in-law and wish them a happy married life. Raise your own glass in a toast, if you have not already made a toast.


According to, the traditional toasting order is a toast to the wedding couple, the groom's response, the best man's response, a toast to the bride's parents, the bride's parents' response, a toast to the groom's parents and the groom's parents' response.

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