How to Go to Safe Mode in an Asus Desktop

Updated April 17, 2017

Safe Mode starts the Windows 7 operating system with only the most essential drivers and programs. Start your Asus computer in Safe Mode to troubleshoot problems with the computer and operating system if your having difficulty booting your computer normally. Loading Windows 7 and uninstalling or making changes to software on your machine should be easier because Safe Mode boots the computer with fewer programs running in the background. You can boot to Safe Mode using the Advanced Boot Options menu that you can access during the boot process.

Turn on your Asus computer, or restart it if it's already turned on.

Wait until you see the splash screen appear, then start tapping the "F8" key every few seconds.

Tap the "F8" key when the Advanced Boot Options screen appears.

Highlight "Safe Mode" using the arrow keys on the keyboard, then press "Enter." The computer will boot up into Safe Mode.


You can also press and hold "F8" as you restart your computer, assuming you only have one operating system installed on your machine. This will take you directly to the Advanced Boot Options screen during the boot process.

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