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How to Fix an Upside Down Windows Screen on a Toshiba Laptop

Updated April 17, 2017

Weird things happen on computers sometimes. Laptops in particular are vulnerable to sudden attacks by children, cats or other environmental threats. You may be peacefully typing away at your keyboard or surfing around the Internet when suddenly your screen is upside down. When you move your mouse, the cursor goes in the exact opposite direction. You look around in vain for the magic button on your Toshiba laptop keyboard that will restore order to your computer, but there is no single key to make everything better. In actuality, it is a combination of keys.

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  1. Press the "CTRL" + "ALT" + "ARROW" key to rotate the Windows display screen.

  2. Reference this guide to help you: Rotate right side up: "CTRL"+"ALT"+"UP" Rotate to the left side: "CTRL"+"ALT"+"LEFT" Rotate the right side: "CTRL"+"ALT"+"RIGHT" Rotate upside down: "CTRL"+"ALT"+"DOWN"

  3. Be patient while the screen changes direction. There is usually a dark screen for approximately two to three seconds before it rotates.

  4. Right click on the desktop and select "Graphics Options" then "Rotation."

  5. Be aware that your mouse cursor will move in the opposite direction that you expect it to. This can be a bit challenging.

  6. Click "Normal" to get your Toshiba laptop screen back to normal.

  7. Tip

    Familiarise yourself with Toshiba laptop keyboard shortcuts. Not only will you know what to do if something happens accidentally but, according to Rick Broida of PC World, they will save you a lot of time on a laptop. You might want to think about working on your laptop away from rogue cats and children. It is a wise preventive in retaining the integrity of your laptop as well as your sanity. You never know, you may actually get some work done.


    Toshiba laptop keyboards often have keys that will pop off when pulled. Be cautious of cats running across the keyboard. Their claws can pull off the tops of the keys. Fortunately, the keys will usually pop right back on again.

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