How to Draw Cars, Airplanes & Trains for Kids

Written by kahlea pendleton
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How to Draw Cars, Airplanes & Trains for Kids
Line drawing is also called contour drawing. (Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Drawing different vehicles can be easy if you relate the objects to lines and shapes. There are various types of lines, such as slanted lines, straight lines, curvy lines, vertical lines and horizontal lines. There are many shapes such as circles, rectangles, squares and triangles, as well. When you relate this to drawing, you can create a car, an aeroplane or a train. With a few steps, drawing different vehicles for kids can be simple.

Skill level:

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Things you need

  • Pencil
  • Blank sheet of paper

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  1. 1

    Create a guideline, such as a faded large circle on a sheet of paper to draw the car. On the left outward part of the circle and starting on the top line of the circle, draw a small slant to create the window shield of the car and then create a horizontal hump to create the front part of the car's body until the line touches the bottom left part of the circle.

  2. 2

    Create your windows. Create a half moon shape for the windows inside the circle, closer to the top section, on the left side of the circle. A little bit of the shape will stick out of the circle. Draw a slanted half moon closer to the other half moon shape where a little portion of the shape is a little bit out of the circle. If you would like to make a rear view mirror, just draw it between the two half moon shapes.

  3. 3

    Draw the whole body of the car. Starting at the bottom part of the circle where you stop, draw a form of a wheel for the wheels. Then draw a straight line and create another wheel form. Then create a small upper slanted line and then another slanted line to create the boot of the car and then create a long curved line to create the whole body of the car until it connects to the front shape of the car.

  4. 4

    Add detail to the car. Create the wheels by adding a curved line at the bottom of the wheel formation on the car. Add headlights by drawing two small circles in the front of the car and you're done.

  1. 1

    Draw a long rectangle and draw a line in the middle of the rectangle. Then draw two more lines to create even four shapes in the rectangle. Draw a rounded line in the front of the rectangle shape and then a little square in the middle of the rounded line. Draw a smoke stack on top of the first box where you created the rounded line. Draw two little rectangles on top of the shape.

  2. 2

    Create a skinny rectangle in the centre of the shape underneath the shape. On the left side of the main rectangle shape, draw a square that is connected to the rectangle and longer than the rectangle. This is where the little engineer will be. Draw a window inside the square and two little wheels at the bottom. Draw a little man in the window if desired.

  3. 3

    Draw the wheels on the skinny rectangle. Draw three wheels that are touching the top rectangle and closely connected to each other. Do not draw the wheel lines pass the skinny rectangle line. Draw around the skinny rectangle. The whole space between the skinny rectangle and the main rectangle needs to be filled completely. Draw little triangles to create the spokes on the wheels.

  4. 4

    Create another short triangle next to the skinny triangle and underneath that triangle, create two small wheels. Draw a boot shape piece next to the short triangle to create the cow catcher piece that is on the front of the train. Draw long skinny ovals in the shape and you're done.

  1. 1

    Draw an elongated oval and then draw a curve to create a tail on the aeroplane. On a slant, draw the wings of the aeroplane on the upper side of the plane.

  2. 2

    Create another wing on the other side of the aeroplane on a slant. Draw two little tail wings on the side of the aeroplane's tail.

  3. 3

    Draw a slanted "L" on the very front of the aeroplane to create a cockpit where the drivers will sit. Then draw little circles to create the windows for the passengers. Draw little circles on the front wing of the aeroplane to create the aeroplane's engines and you're done.

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