How to Send a PDF to OneNote

Updated May 10, 2017

When you install Microsoft OneNote, it places a special print driver on your computer. This print driver makes it possible to import a variety of documents into the OneNote program. A Portable Document Format is one type of file that you can send to OneNote with the driver. If you want to save a PDF file for later viewing, OneNote lets you keep the contents and formatting of the PDF without having to keep a copy of the file itself. Once you send a PDF to OneNote, you can delete the file and free space on your computer.

Open a file in the PDF reader of your choice. Common applications include Adobe Reader and Foxit Reader.

Press both "Ctrl" and "P" to open an options window for printing the document.

Choose "Send to OneNote." For Adobe Reader and Foxit Reader, check the Printer section. It contains a pull-down menu where you can choose between specific printers -- including the OneNote printer driver. The "Send to OneNote" option is in this menu.

Click "OK" and wait for the printer driver to format the PDF and open OneNote. Depending on the size of the PDF and the capabilities of your computer, this may take awhile.

Use the Select Location in OneNote window to choose where in OneNote the program should send the PDF. The window opens automatically when OneNote loads.

Click "OK" and wait again while the PDF reader sends the file to OneNote.


Use the Print Range section of the Print dialogue box to send specific pages to OneNote rather than the entire PDF document.

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