How to Draw Circles in Microsoft Word

Updated April 17, 2017

Microsoft Office 2010 allows you to insert circles and other shapes in your Word document. The ribbon located above the head of the document includes the "Insert" tab. The "Insert" tab features a "Shapes" button located in the "Illustrations" group. The "Shapes" drop-down menu includes "Basic Shapes." You can position the "O" shape anywhere on your MS Word document. Inserting the "O" shape is easier and quicker than drawing a free-form circle with the mouse.

Open your Microsoft Word document.

Click on the "Insert" ribbon tab.

Click on the "Shapes" button on the "Illustrations" group.

Click on the "O" shape. A "+" symbol will appear. Position this "+" symbol on your document. A circle with coloured points will appear on your document.

Click and drag the circle if you wish to reposition the circle. Click and drag on a point to adjust the circle's size or shape.

Save this document.


After the circle is positioned, the Format tab appears on the ribbon. Format options include solid colours and gradients to fill the circle. Click on the desired colour or effect to modify the circle. Press on the "SHIFT" key on the keyboard as you drag the circle. This key helps keep the circle's dimensions intact.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Office Word 2010
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