How to Convert a Photoshop Logo to Vector

When you use a logo, you want to make sure it is created as a vector file. Vector files define the image by calculating line segments; therefore, they create an image that can be scaled without pixelation. Many designers inadvertently create logos in Adobe Photoshop, which creates graphics based on pixels. Adobe Illustrator has incorporated a feature to help designers convert pixelated images into vector-based graphics.

Open Adobe Illustrator.

Click "File." Select "Place."

Select "Flatten Layers to a Single Image." Press "OK."

Click the drop-down menu next to "Live Trace." Select "Tracing Options."

Select "Color" from the "Mode" drop-down menu. Change the "Max Colors" to "256."

Click "Trace" on the control panel. Then, click "Expand."

Review the logo to ensure that it copied correctly. You may need to conduct some fine-tuning if you have a complicated logo.

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