How to Change the Battery in a Guess Waterpro Watch

Updated March 23, 2017

Guess Waterpro watches are valuable items and you should always take care when changing its batteries. Experts recommend changing the battery in your Guess Waterpro watch at least once every three years to ensure best performance at all times (See Reference 1). If you have the correct tools it should only take a matter of minutes to change the battery in your Guess Waterpro watch yourself. Waterpro watches require small button-size batteries that cost under five dollars in nearly any watch store.

Put a large sheet of newspaper on the table's surface and place the watch on it. Have the back cover of the watch facing you.

Remove the screws from the back cover and lift it off the watch. Hold the watch by its straps and by its side (See Reference 2). Never touch the inner parts of the watch, apart from the screws you have removed and the old battery, because you might damage the small parts inside.

Pick up the old battery using a plastic tweezer (forceps) or your nails, if you have long nails. If the battery is secured with a clip; unfasten the screw and shake the battery out by turning the watch in its side.

Lift up the new battery with the plastic tweezers and put it in the battery case inside the watch. Before you put the back cover on check that the watch is in correct working order.

Fasten the back cover on by screwing the small screws back in using a screwdriver.


Get a watch fixing kit from a watch store to carry out small servicing jobs like changing a battery in your Guess Waterpro watch. Wear textile or rubber gloves for changing the batteries to avoid getting fat or acids onto the small inner parts of the watch (See Reference 2).

Things You'll Need

  • Newspaper
  • Gloves
  • Tweezers
  • Glass
  • Screwdriver or watch kit
  • New battery
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