How to Knit a Blanket With Sirdar Blur Wool

Updated April 17, 2017

Sirdar Blur yarn is composed of kid mohair and microfibers. This combination creates a soft and cuddly yarn that can be used for a wide array of knitting projects. These attributes make it ideal for a warm blanket. Look for blanket patterns that suit this medium-weight yarn or design your own unique blanket. Use larger needles like the recommended size nine to make a slightly loose but sturdy piece. As with any knitting project, make sure you have an adequate amount of yarn before starting your Sirdar Blur blanket.

Know the properties of Sirdar Blur wool before you begin your blanket. This type of yarn is classified as Aran weight. This means that it is a 10-ply yarn with eight wraps per inch. These measurements mean that it has a medium standard, which is the same as worsted weight yarns. The recommended knitting needle size for Sirdar Blur is size nine. It has a gauge of about four stitches per inch. It is made up of 70 per cent microfiber and 30 per cent kid mohair. Keep all of these facts in mind when you are planning to knit your blanket.

Look for knitting patterns to make your blanket. These patterns should be written to use a medium-weight yarn. Browse through pattern books and knitting websites to find a pattern that best fits your design needs and creative desires. You can alternatively create your own blanket pattern. Plan out what stitch patterns you wish to use. Make sure that you will be casting on enough stitches and knitting enough rows to make a blanket-sized product.

Make sure you have enough skeins of Sirdar Blur yarn in your chosen dye lot before embarking on your project. You do not want to run the risk of beginning your blanket only to run out of yarn before you finish. Your yarn store could stop carrying the brand or dye lot in the time between your first purchase and when you need to buy more Sirdar Blur. Setbacks like this scenario can cause unwanted delays and may be costly if you have to shop elsewhere to get the yarn you need. Check your blanket pattern if you are using one to see if it calls for a specific amount of yarn. If not, estimate the amount. A full-size blanket made with Aran weight yarn takes around 1700 yards to create. Sirdar Blur yarn is sold in skeins of 208 yards. You'll need about nine skeins to knit a large blanket with Sirdar Blur yarn.


Sirdar Blur yarn is machine washable, but it should not be ironed or tumble dried.

Things You'll Need

  • Sirdar Blur yarn
  • Blanket pattern
  • Knitting needles
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