How to Add SRT Files to an MP4 Movie

Written by iam jaebi | 13/05/2017
How to Add SRT Files to an MP4 Movie
Add subtitles to your movie with an .srt file. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Subtitles are useful when watching a movie if it is in a foreign language or if a physical obstruction prevents you from hearing the dialogue. When movies are converted to the MP4 format, the file can lack data necessary to view the subtitles. When you play a video using a media player such as Video LAN Client (VLC), you can instruct the program to add a subtitle file (.srt) for display during playback. Playing an MP4 file with the associated .srt file is not a feature that all media players have.

Check if your media player supports the use of .srt files. Consult the media player's documentation or feature list to confirm that it does. If it does not, use of the MP4's .srt file is not possible.

Match the names of the MP4 file and the .srt file. For example, if the movie file name is "Inception.mp4," ensure the name of the subtitle file is "" Many media players automatically search for a .srt file that matches the MP4 file when playback is started.

Place the .srt file and the MP4 file into the same folder on your computer. Your video player will search the same file folder location as the MP4 for matching .srt files. For example, if your MP4 file is in your "Movies" folder, then the matching .srt file also must be in this folder.

Start your media player. Click "File", then click "Open" and then "Browse." Select the MP4 movie file for playback. While the "Open" file window is open, look for the option to load subtitles such as "Load subtitles file:" or "Subtitle." Click on the subtitle option to select the matching .srt file for the movie. Click on the appropriate button to open the movie file and verify that it plays with subtitles.

Things you need

  • Media player that is .srt capable

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