How to Meet Teen Guys

Updated November 21, 2016

If you are looking to meet teen guys, you're in luck: they're everywhere! Whatever your situation and reason for wanting to meet teen guys, with a little creativity and willingness to step outside your comfort zone, you should be able to meet teen guys with little trouble. While you can meet teen guys almost anywhere, purposely going to places where they spend time will help speed up the process and get you meeting teen guys as quickly as possible.

Decide what kind of teen guys you want to meet. This will affect your approach for meeting teen guys. For example, if you love books and academics, you probably want to meet a studious teen guy. If you're athletic, teen guys who love sports will probably be your thing. Or maybe your preference relate less to hobbies and more to personality: maybe you'd like an outgoing guy, or a funny guy, or a smart guy. Or maybe you have other qualifications: you want a guy who shares your religion, or one who comes from the same ethnic background as you do. Clarifying these qualifications beforehand will help you avoid wasting your time.

Go where teen guys spend time. This will be largely influenced by your predetermined type of teen guys that you'd like to meet. For example, to meet athletic teen guys, go to the local gym or YMCA; spend time at your high school track or sports field, or go to sporting events. To meet studious teen guys, go to the library or join an academic club at your school. To meet guys who are your religion, spend time at teen groups at your local church, synagogue, mosque, or wherever you worship. If your preferences are less specific, try local hangouts like the mall, bowling alley, skate park, or coffee shop.

Ask your friends to introduce you to teen guys. Often the best way to meet someone is through networking, and meeting friends of friends can be a great way to expand your circle. (This can also cut down on anxiety, if someone you trust is introducing you to someone they think you'll like.)

Be outgoing and open to new experiences. If your attitude and demeanour are friendly and personable, teen guys will be more likely to approach you without you even having to do any work! Step outside your comfort zone and don't hesitate to introduce yourself to teen guys. If you are afraid to approach new people, or are shy and awkward when they talk to you, it will be very challenging for you to meet teen guys.


As in any situation when you are meeting strangers, practice safety when meeting teen guys. Until you get to know a teen guy well, avoid spending time alone with him; stay in public areas and make sure an adult knows where you are at all times. Avoid giving unnecessary personal information, like your address, until you get to know him well, and if he ever makes you ever feel uncomfortable or nervous, tell someone you trust, preferably an adult.

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