How to fix expired licensing on adobe cs4

Updated April 17, 2017

Tons of suggestions on the Internet offer solutions to the curious expired licensing message problem, which may hit users running bootleg software well. Yet when you've shelled out your hard-earned money for Adobe CS4 Creative Suite and encounter this problem, you deserve a non-risky fix. Protect your operating system from harm by responding with a simple solution offered by the company responsible for the inconvenient blunder. It's a sure-fire workaround that presents no danger to your operating system.

Recognise that this is a known expired-licensing issue. When a window that reads, "Licensing for this product has expired" pops up and blocks you from using the software, remain in good cheer; although Adobe reports that there's no way to directly resolve the issue, the recommended fix should get you back into the program soon.

Initiate the recommended workaround solution for what Adobe calls, a "License Expiry" issue. Roll back your system clock a few days, and then relaunch an Adobe CS4 application. Click "Help" and "Deactivate" to create an opportunity to re-enter the product's serial number. Select the "Erase This Serial Number" option before clicking "OK."

Quit the CS4 application and roll the system clock forward, restoring a true system time and date. The result of this effort is that the expired license vanishes from your computer.

Launch Creative Suite again. A registration window should appear. Entering the product's original serial number completes the Adobe recommended workaround.


Adobe reports taking steps to keep the License Expiry issue from happening in future Creative Suite releases.

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