How to Donate Clothing at a Drop Off

Updated July 20, 2017

Every time you clear out closet space or begin to reduce the clutter in your drawers, you can help those in need by donating your unwanted or unneeded clothes to a charitable organisation. Depending on the goals of the organisation, donated clothes may be given to the homeless, poor, sick or any other needy population. By understanding how to donate clothing at a drop-off location, you can quickly and conveniently contribute to such a charitable mission.

Select an organisation that shares your values. An important part of charitable giving is understanding and appreciating the core mission of the organisation you are contributing to. Do research as to which organisations accept clothing, and who that clothing will go to. This is your opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the recipient of your donation.

Locate a drop-off location for the organisation. Many larger charitable organisations that accept clothing -- The Salvation Army, Goodwill -- have drop-off boxes around neighbourhoods in convenient places. These can often be located online at the organisation's website or by calling the organisation directly.

Understand what items the organisation accepts and what they do not accept. Many charitable organisations have restrictions on the type of clothing items that can be donated. These restrictions are often due to sanitary considerations. This is important to consider as it results in less work for the organisation during the filtering process. This information can be found on their website or by contacting the organisation directly.

Drop off your clothing. The donation boxes are often made so that clothes can be put in but not be taken out or stolen. Due to this fact, you may want to double-check that everything in your bundle should be there before you place it in the box. When you are prepared, place your donation in the box.


If you are financially-savvy, you may want to deduct your clothing donations for tax purposes. There may be important information posted on the drop-off box that may be beneficial to read.

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