How to Insert an L Shaped Nose Stud

When you pierce your nose you have a few different jewellery choices available to select. Aside from captive rings, horseshoes, straight studs and barbels, you can opt for an "L" shaped nose pin, or stud, for comfort. The "L" shaped nose studs are popular because they don't slip out and get lost like the straight pins tend to do. Knowing how to insert an "L" shaped nose stud takes a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature.

Hold the "L" shaped nose stud with a steady hand about an inch from your piercing hold. Hold it by the studded end.

Aim the "L" shaped end of the pin downward, pointing it directly over the piercing site.

Bring your hand downward, aligning the end of the stud with the hole. Ease it in gently until you feel the tip of the "L" shaped end come through the other side of the piercing.

Tilt the studded end of the nose pin upward, which brings the other end of it into a downward position. Slide the stud through the piercing hole slowly as you continue to aim the studded end upward. Do this until the nose pin slides comfortably into the piercing and is lined up vertically and in all the way.

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