How to Make Your Own Birthday Invitations on Mircosoft Word

Updated February 21, 2017

Making your own birthday invitations adds a personal touch and allows you to get creative with texts and designs. One option is to download a birthday invitation template and personalise it, although some people enjoy the creative challenge of designing their own cards using the formatting tools available in Microsoft Word.

Download a template from Microsoft Office. The website offers a wide range of colourful, attractive party invitation templates designed for Microsoft Word.

Add your own photographs and text. For example, Microsoft's photo birthday party invitation for children (see resource 2) lets you simply add your own child's name, print it out and insert the birthday boy or girl's photograph on the front cover.

Add the recipient's address, if the template allows for it. Then you won't need to use envelopes.

Reflect the party theme in your design. For a roaring '20s party, for example, download art deco fonts and designs from the Internet, or insert a picture of a flapper girl (see Resources).

Open a blank Word document and experiment with text and formatting to get the look you want.

Go to the "Format" tool on the taskbar at the top of the document to select background colours and themes.

Add WordArt or images stored on your computer. Click on the "Insert" toolbar, select "Picture," then choose graphics or images for your invitation. Alternatively, insert clip art to give your invitation a quirky contemporary look. Go to Microsoft Office's Clip Art and Media site and search for birthday invitations. Click on the Copy icon when you find the image you want, then open a blank Word document and click "Paste." Move the clip art image where you want it on the page and shrink or expand it to fit around your text.

Format your invitation to the correct dimensions for the paper it will be printed on. Go to the "File" menu on the taskbar and click "Page Setup."

Click "Paper Size" and scroll down until you find the correct size.

Alternatively, e-mail your invitation to your guests.


Use heavy paper or card stock to give your birthday invitations a polished, professional look.

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