How to Set Up the Touch Screen in Windows 7

Updated April 17, 2017

Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate editions include Windows Touch. Windows Touch automatically recognises touchscreen displays on your computer and allows you to interact with Windows 7 via the touchscreen. You can also perform basic gestures, such as flicking or pressing and holding, on any touchscreen computer with Windows 7. Multi-touch touchscreens can perform special Windows Touch gestures. You can use Windows Touch gestures to pan, zoom, rotate and right-click on objects or Windows. Prior to using your touchscreen with Windows 7, you need to calibrate the display to register your input accurately.

Insert the touchscreen display's driver disc into the computer's disc drive. Visit your display's manufacturer's website and search for the correct drivers in the support section if your display did not include a driver disc.

Run the set-up program on the disc or execute the downloaded file to install the drivers to the system. If you are using a built-in display, you may not need to install drivers.

Select "Control Panel" from the "Start" menu. Click "System And Security," "System," and then "Device Manager." Double-click on the touchscreen's icon. The icon may be under "Displays," "Human Interface Devices" or "Unknown Device."

Click "Update Driver" in the "Driver" tab. Select "Search Automatically For Updated Driver Software" and follow the onscreen instructions to install the drivers for the touchscreen.

Select "Hardware and Sound" from the "Control Panel." Click "Calibrate The Screen For Pen Or Touch Input." Switch to the "Display" tab and click "Calibrate."

Tap the crosshair each time it appears on the screen to calibrate the display. Tap "Save," when prompted, to save the calibration data.

Things You'll Need

  • Touchscreen driver disc
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