How to make Nutcracker soldier costumes

The Nutcracker toy soldier costume is called for in Nutcracker plays and ballets. The costume can be worn for Halloween, costume parties and holiday parties. A person with no sewing skills can make a Nutcracker soldier costume. Use an everyday sweat suit as the costume base; add accessories to transform the sweats into a soldier's uniform. When finished, there will be no mistake about the character your child is portraying.

Getting started

Start by making the hat. Cover both sides of the brim of the baseball hat with white felt. Glue the felt to the hat with hot glue. Cut a 30cm (12-inch) high cylinder from white felt that fits over the crown of the hat when the child is wearing it. Cut a circle from felt as large as the hat's crown. Glue the felt cylinder to the felt circle. Glue the other side of the cylinder to the crown of the baseball hat, covering the entire hat. Glue gold braid to the brim of the hat and around the top of the cylinder.

Paint a gold vertical line down the front of the sweatshirt about 7.5 cm (three inches) from the left sleeve. Paint five horizontal lines across the front of the sweatshirt starting at the vertical line. Allow the paint to dry for two hours. Glue gold braid around the cuff of each sleeve and the collar of the shirt. Glue a small gold button to each intersection line of the gold lines.

Have the child wear the white sweatpants. Tuck the trousers into the boots. Have the child wear the red sweatshirt and the hat. Give the child a toy musket to complete the costume. If your child is a girl, tie her hair up in a bun and hide it under the hat.


You can switch the trousers with blue trousers or the hat with black felt to make a slightly different look.

Things You'll Need

  • White Jogging bottoms
  • Black boots
  • Red jumper
  • Gold fabric paint
  • Gold braid
  • Hard hat
  • White felt
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Gold buttons
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