Leben Pop-Up Tent Instructions

Updated July 18, 2017

While recreational camping tents generally require you to assemble a few fibreglass or carbon fibre poles, the specialised design of the pop-up tent springs into shape as you remove it from the carrying case. Leben is a German outdoor company that offers numerous designs of the camping tent. The capacity of the Leben pop-up tent ranges based on the intended use. According to Leben, the company's family-style tents can comfortably sleep up to 12 campers.

Remove any sticks or rocks from the terrain of your camp site. Lower your Leben pop-up tent onto an elevated stretch of ground to prevent flooding during a storm.

Remove the pop-up tent from its carrying case to allow the flexible frame to spring into shape. Place a ground cloth or waterproof tarp under your Leben pop-up tent to prevent water from soaking through the fabric.

Extend the guy lines away from the body of the Leben tent. Remove the tent stakes from their corresponding case.

Insert the stakes through the loops of the guy lines. Hammer each of the Leben tent stakes into the ground using a mallet.

Things You'll Need

  • Ground cloth or waterproof tarp
  • Mallet
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